This is a project I collaborated on with cinematographer Tim Fok and electro music producer Exotope (Leon Scott). We created a music video for the song Rituals, along with this, we made a promo poster and trailer for the video release. Shot on Canon 7D with Tokina 11-16mm lens, all in point of view.



Just like to say a massive thank you to everyone who was involved in making this, who endured many cold winter days, re-shoots of scenes and our crazy ideas. Couldn't have done it without you.

BERLIN, 2011

This is my first Lomo experience. Shot these images on an LCA+ with X-Pro 200 slide film. All are fairly touristy, but hopefully represent the city in a different way.

(This final image was shot in Plymouth.)


Exploring place, perception and personal memory. The same, often insignificant location often has many meanings and can evoke different feelings depending on the individual and past experience. 
Please excuse the wonky, slightly dirty scans. Hardware wasn't the greatest. I know, bad workman...


Here's my new blog. Stay with me, I'm fitting this in a "busy" schedule. Progress is going to be slow but steady.

The video below was a short documentary made in 2010 exploring what is common knowledge to people in British society, determining whether we have become a society based on popular culture and raising questions of loss of heritage.

This was featured in Loop Festival Barcelona 2010 as part of my university's show reel.